Amazing Movement of Bootcamp -Sudip Simkhada

It was the first and best experience I had ever done in the Bootcamp. It was amazing experience
among 30+ friends with presentations given by different professionals. While talking about
presentations, it was all about governance with the role of youth in it. Not only that, the more
important thing of those presentations was it related with IT which is very essential for us who
are from IT sector.
The first presentation on the first day of two days program was Dr. Pukar Malla, he introduce
basic structure of government. He also addresses difference between governance and
government. After his session, Sazal Sthapit warm-up with the interaction among us. The
interaction was about positive and negative impact of Nepal government. The second
presentation was by Ramesh Adhikari. He provides the participants with an existing picture of
governance issues in their respective countries. After that Dr. Biswo Poudel gave the real picture
of economic condition of Nepal with relevant data.
While talking about last day, the first presentation was by Sazal sir. He made us clear picture of
ICT in local level with different best example. Not only that, he interact with us by the example
of aeroplane. The example was creative and interesting. The second presentation was by Dr.
Nama Raj Budhathoki. He made us clear vision of mapping. He was the moderator of whole
program. He addresses each and every question of candidates. After him, Rajneesh Bhandari sir
gives knowledge of mobile videography in practical point of view. After that Pradip Pariyar give
presentation on sensitize the participants on their potential contribution in attaining quality
While talking about whole presentation, I like timing. Each and every presentation was on time.
Since it was my first Bootcamp, I found it was very comfortable for me. And at last, I am very
thankful to organizing team of Nama Raj sir with Sazal sir and Aishworya Shrestha mam of
Kathmandu Living Labs.

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