CUBES: Composting – Understanding BEhavior and building Smart composting system

  • On average Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal produces 0.5 Kg of waste from each household every day, of which around 70% is organic. However, only 30% of the Nepalese households are found to do composting.
  • A report suggested less than 10% of the waste will end up in the landfill site of the country if all compostable and reusable or recyclable waste is utilized to the maximum.
  • Our preliminary research showed there is a scarcity of research from behavioral perspectives to SWM in the Nepalese context. We are trying to understand the behavioral component on what motivates households to compost, stops them from continuing to compost, or completely refrains them from composting.
  • We conducted online surveys (n=310) in households of Kathmandu for an exploratory behavior analysis on composting. We found 56% of the households currently composting and have been using compost in their garden/farm. Families not composting at the moment pointed out a lack of prior experience, space, and time.
  • We are building our experimental research on Smart Composting System (SCS) prototype which combines an interactive compost bin and an engaging mobile app that communicates and motivates users. Our survey showed optimistic response towards the use of tech in the composting.
  • We have build partnership with University and Municipal bodies to move ahead with research and implementing our ideas into the community.

The smart bin: here

Mobile app demo here: here

For more details: here

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