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Human capital is a major determinant of economic and social development as well as the
sustenance of a country. Educational resources available in schools play an important role to ensure that socioeconomic inequalities play a less prominent role in the academic achievements of students in disadvantaged areas of the country and create equal opportunities for students in Sri Lanka. In this sense, it is highly crucial to investigate the relationship between educational resources of schools and the academic achievement of students. The relationship between socioeconomic features and academic achievement has been extensively studied within the national and international contexts in recent years (Tomul & Savasci, 2012).

However, there is a dearth of studies about the relationship between educational resources of Sri Lankan schools and academic achievement. Educational resources are of vital importance in terms of their role in attaining educational aims and objectives. In this sense, educational resources play a significant role in providing equal opportunities for students by diminishing the effect of socioeconomic factors on academic achievement. Thus, the level of attaining educational aims and objectives is largely dependent on educational resources and their use.

In developing countries, factors related to schools play a significant role when considering the academic achievements of students (Fuller & Clarke, 1994; Heyneman & Loxley, 1983). Adeogun and Osifila (2008) have found that there are positive relationships between the academic achievement of students and physical, financial, and material resources. Considering the relationship between the educational resources of the schools and the academic achievement as a whole, there are negative and significant relationships between results of Ordinary and Advanced Level examinations of students in Sri Lanka.

Educational resources available in schools play an important role in the academic
achievement of students, however, it has been identified that resource allocation among schools is inequal in Sri Lanka as well as in the region of South Asia. Thus, we have identified the need to create a platform that aims to bridge this gap through community involvement.

Main objective of the “ EDUMARK “ application is to help the Sri-Lankan schools and children with resource requirements.
• Create a mechanism to resource required schools with donors
• Improve effectiveness of resource donation
• Improve quality and visibility donations.
• Create a self-sustainable system.
• Support decision makes by providing information on resource requirements

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