What is the event process?

1. Bootcamps
2. The Ideation Camps
3. Mid-term Presentations
4. The Virtual Grand Ceremony
5. The Regional TechCamp Young Leaders’ Conference for Good Governance

What is TechCamp 2020?

A 3-day event in Kathmandu that brings 50 young, energetic and passionate South Asians together. They co-learn and exchange experiences to improve various facets of governance in their regions.

The ideas executed post the Ideation Camps will be presented in the TechCamp by the teams- Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. 3 best ideas will get awarded.

Who were the Bootcamp participants?

500+ youths between the ages of 18 and 30 from Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Pakistan participated in Bootcamps designed for their country.

What is the Ideation Camp?

Ideation camp is a month long skill building session stretching over Sundays. These camps will focus on building the skills of the select 50 participants. These participants will be divided into country-wise teams. The teams will develop ideas and execute them to improve governance in the region.

How to register for Digital Bootcamp?

The registrations are now closed.