Government Service Providers Customer Review System

During one of our group meetings, discussing what specific issue we want to take on, we came across something rather casual yet significant. Sharing our own experiences with one another, we realized that the dreadful experience of a long and enervating day at a government office was common to each of us. Starting right from not knowing the procedure, what papers to submit, going back home to retrieve missing documents, to unenthusiastic clerks – the Nepali government administrative offices drain its clients. When we explored some public surveys on this subject we discovered that this is a larger problem than we initially entailed it to be.  

We decided to make a web application with which government service takers will be able to provide feedback about their service they took from the government office. They will directly be leaving feedback and rating to the government official that they encounter while taking the service. To convert this vision into action, we took Budhanilkantha municipality office as the target government office for execution of our idea in the first stage. We had a talk with the spokesperson of the municipality office regarding this idea and he loved it. We have collected data of all the officials of the municipality that work in office. We have prepared a prototype which shows how our application is going to work. Taking this prototype as a reference, we are going to make a web application on the first stage and mobile application later. Since we have all the data and design of the proposed application with us, we will move into development of the application after our idea gets rewarded by the TechCamp team. Publicity and continuation of the project will then follow.

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