Hello from Pakistan! -Muhammad Hassan Dajana Rawalpindi, Pakistan

“In late February 2020 (24,25 Feb)  I was part of a Digital Bootcamp on good governance arranged by Kathmandu Living Labs (KLL) in colloboration with the U.S. Embassy in Nepal.

There were a total of 10+ digital bootcamps targetting the youths of India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal and Sri Lanka.
The aim of these bootcamps were to train 500 participants in South Asia, providing them networking opportunities providing them skills so that they can work together, colloborate and find solutions to governance challenges faced by people in South Asia.
The bootcamp started with the question what is Government and what is Governance?. The bootcamp took place online with the resource “Zoom”. The speaker for this session is was Dr. Waqas Ali (HOD Governance and Policy Making NUML).
This session was followed by a group activity titled “Describe by government”. The 60+ participants shared their inputs using the resource Menti.com.
What the organisers were looking for was passion, desire and the will to work towards Sustainable Solutions towards the governance issues of Pakistan.
Menti.com was used to see what the participants thought was the biggest hurdle to good governance in Pakistan moderated by Mr. Sazal.
This was followed by a detailed discussion on what are the contemporary issues of governance in Pakistan (session by Dr. Waqas HOD at NUML).
The utilisation of ICTs in Governance was discussed in detail showcasing how publically available data, along with latest resources can increase public engagement in governance.
Mapping the unmapped using the Open Street Maps was discussed showcasing how community engagement can lead to better services for marginalised and often neglected members of the community.
Mobile Journalism and how to use it for video making, content creation as a tool for transparency, accountability was presented in detailed resources like Filmora Go, Adobe light room CC and their utilization were shared.
How the youth can play their part was dicussed showcasing the ways and means the youth can engage policy makers, making their voice heard and in turn lead the country towards a better future.
The digital bootcmal ended with how to transform this ideas to tangible actions that are sustainable, long lasting and impactful.
Author :- Muhammad Hassan Dajana, Rawalpindi, Pakistan “a changemaker working towards transformational impact in Pakistan”

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