Hello samsaad: knowing our political representatives

In 2017, we saw over 15 million voters casting their ballots to elect almost 50,000 representatives to public office. 

Our project stands on the observation that many voters in Nepal are uninformed about the candidates they are voting for, even at the time of voting. Come every election, candidates are seen marching to the doorsteps of citizens, asking for votes. The people then decide their votes based these rallies, which are often party oriented rather than candidate oriented. Among the voters are also a mass of people who potentially have no idea who their candidates are, and are just voting for a candidate for their political party for reasons that account for poor voting decisionss.

This has harms on two levels. First, dishonest candidates may benefit from convincing gullible voters that these candidates are the best representatives of the voters. Second, newer candidates with little to no political backing face mistrust from the public having to face the standards of scrutiny that well-established candidates are often forgiven for. This results in a very difficult barrier of entry in the political space in Nepal. 

Another fundamental observation that our project bases itself upon is that once the candidates are elected, they are often accused of not doing any work for their constituencies or offices by engaging in corruption and deeply politicizing sensitive issues in order to display faux-achievement. This results in poor transparency and accountability among the elected representatives.

Our proposed solution is a web-based platform that hosts reliable information about every major candidate, and currently elected representatives holding high public offices. This is a simple solution that immediately solves the problem of a lack of information about the candidate for people who are seeking it, to make their voting decisions. Along with that, we have also created tools that demonstrate the application of digital technology in enhancing voting experience through election day logistics tools and voter registration checker tools. In the future, this website can become fully functional by adding data about all elected representatives, and refining the UX and UI of the website.

For more details: https://hello-samsad.netlify.app/?fbclid=IwAR1KMGZPvUQb1b3C-AEjxpGN6AjGtg66Bka7_INrLuHXbwYTXlH2rSUAsqo

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