Ideation Camp 1: Finding and evaluating ideas

This is the inaugural ideation camp. The Deputy Chief of Mission to the U.S. Embassy Kathmandu will be giving inaugural remarks. Dr. Swarnim Wagle (former Vice-Chair of the National Planning Commission, Nepal) is the keynote speaker. Assoc. Prof. Omprakash Gnawali will deliver the first ideation camp session.

You can watch the entire event here.

Schedule is available here.

Ideation Camp 2: Why ICTs in governance fail

Sazal Sthapit shares his decade-long anecdotal experiences on why ICTs for governance often fail. He takes the TechCampers on a journey of recognizing the symptoms of failing ICTs, unraveling the underlying causes, and devising ways to circumvent them.

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Program schedule and other details are available here.

Ideation Camp 3

This week’s Ideation Camp is different! We will be meeting each of the nine groups separately to discuss your project proposals.

Ideation Camp 4: LOG Framework

Participants will sit through a session where they understand the foundational concepts of LOG Framework. Following the session, they will also have an opportunity to build their own LOG Frameworks for their projects.

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Ideation Camp 5: Design Thinking

The trio of design scholars and practitioners will illustrate how to put your users’ requirements front and center in these 2 hour session.

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Ideation Camp 6: Mapping the Unmapped

Nama Budhathoki, the EC of Kathmandu Living Labs shares on mapping through OpenStreetMap and its applicability in various sectors.

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