Pukar Malla leads the Daayitwa Abhiyaan, which has been striving for an enterprising Nepal where every youth has opportunities for a prosperous future through its rural entrepreneurship, governance and leadership innovations.

He is striving for an enterprising Nepal where every citizen has opportunities for a prosperous future.  He is Founder and Chairperson of Daayitwa, an NGO that promotes domestic youth employment by enabling youth to lead rural enterprises and policy advocacy.  He is the Co-Founder and Executive Coach at the Nepal Leadership Academy that nurtures leadership in change-agents for promoting inclusive growth of Nepal.  He is Co-Founder and Chairperson of Governance Lab, a research firm that strengthens governance through evidence-based policy reforms.  He is also the Country Program Director for Harvard South Asia Institute. In the past, he has led technology and development innovations at the World Bank, Harvard, Intel and a Silicon Valley startup.  He received his BSc, PhD and MPA from Swarthmore College, Cornell University and Harvard University respectively.