Putting a small-town boy on the map! -Athiphan, India

The Bootcamp on ‘good governance’ organized by Kathmandu Living Labs (KLL) revolves around one key concept. Identifying a cohort of young leaders from South-Asia who are passionate about creating innovative solutions for the governance issues in their countries. They then bring a select few of them together and mentor them to create a network of changemakers in their respective regions. I cannot really tell which part of this program is my favorite!

Starting from being a part of a vibrant youth movement to bringing valuable change to my neighborhood! I am a normal day-to-day youth from Coimbatore, who like many other looks at the lapses in his government and grudgingly admits to himself, there is not much he can do about it. This Bootcamp has however already given me the feeling that I can do many things about it! All it takes is a momentous initiative and some dedication. One of the nicest parts about the program was that ¬†they started at the very beginning with the first module aptly titled, ‘The Fundamental concepts of government.’ We got to learn about the different forms of governance from autocratic to absolute democracy. Each session was packed with information each more wisdom imparting than the previous one. It was a privilege even to have been a part of sessions conducted by Dr. Poudel and Prof Manivanan. The sessions were also not-at-all monotonous with sessions like ‘Mapping the unmapped’ that encouraged attendees’ participation to perform activities and enabled us to start contributing right away. I took away a great deal of knowledge from the ‘MOJO’ which covered the transition in Journalism as we know it and, how we too can get on it. The ‘My Gov’ and ‘ICT’ sessions were both delightful! They not only involved fun activities that further amplified the momentum of the sessions but, were also full of insight. I’d like to thank KLL and the U.S. Embassy in Kathmandu for this wonderful opportunity. Special thanks to Dr. Budhathoki and all organizers and facilitators!
This Bootcamp has inspired me by bringing me in touch with some great like-minded youths in India who are already a part of such extraordinary endeavors and, by providing me with the opportunity to learn from gurus with impressive credentials, has sown confidence in me!

Author: Athiphan Agila Anbumani, Coimbatore, India

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