Regional TechCamp on Good Governance 2020/21


The issues of governance are too big a task for any single individual or organization to solve. Hence, it requires a concerted effort from a number of different actors. A type of such crucial actors are today’s youth, who are shaped by, and have the potential to shape, the region’s governance today and in the days to come.  

However, many of these actors are yet in their nascent stages. At this stage, it would tremendously help them to be able to acquire and polish their skills. They would also benefit if they could tap into the network of fellow actors who are working to improve governance in the region. However, at this stage, their access to such networks and their ability to forge new ones are mostly limited. 

Therefore, there is a natural space for an intervention that (i) first seeks to identify, gather and organize active, youth actors working for good governance; (ii) then upgrade their cross-sectoral skill sets required to be better able to pursue their good governance goals; and (iii) create a regional network of these and other fellow actors, mentors, experts working for good governance in the region. This program aims to achieve all three of these. 


To that effect, the larger goal of this TechCamp is:

To improve regional integration and enable good governance in the South Asia region by instilling values of regional cooperation, collaboration and dialog among its youth actors of today.


1. To recognize and create a network of at least 500 South Asian youth actively working to improve governance in the region, and to provide them with cross-sectoral skills that improve their ability to do so effectively.

2. To create a ‘network for regional governance collaboration’ that will act as a connecting platform for the youth of today and the future to collaborate on matters of governance in the region.

3. To train and support young people of the region to pave their own way towards developing and implementing strategies to improve governance, instilling values of teamwork, collaboration, entrepreneurship, resource mobilisation and running own projects.

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