Sazal wants to live in a world where technically sound ICTs are not only created, but also implemented in the right way. He has over half a decade’s experience in designing and deploying ICT-based solutions for government, non-government and private sectors. He coordinated the technical efforts in bringing over 10 terabytes of survey data from remote parts of Nepal to the government’s Data Center that helped expedite Nepal’s post-earthquake reconstruction efforts. He was also the project manager for designing and implementing a suite of ICT tools – geared towards promoting transparency, accountability and civic participation – for two newly found local governments in Nepal. Currently, he is the CEO of Mobera Tech Pvt. Ltd. Besides, providing technical support to the National Reconstruction Agency and local-level government, his company is currently trying to answer the question, “How can ICTs be used to bring parents and schools together in order to achieve meaningful learning experience for the students?”